About Us

Youth Matters/Haley’s Haven is a non-profit organization founded by Steve Paternoster and his daughter, Haley Paternoster, in 2009.

The mission of Haley’s Haven is to assist youth in the Juvenile Justice System in their efforts to seek and lead productive and fulfilling lives. Haley was a participant in the Program for the Empowerment of Girls (PEG) at the Second Judicial District Children’s Court. While in the program, Haley saw the many needs the other participants were experiencing due to their home situations and wanted to help. Once Haley successfully completed the PEG program, Steve and Haley founded Haley’s Haven in order to support the other young women in the program by providing basic needs and programming that would benefit the participants. Tragically, Haley lost her battle with addiction on April 9, 2010. The work she started continues through Haley’s Haven in her honor and her memory.