Haley, We Miss You


The students at Media Arts Collaborative Charter School, that knew Haley and missed her and others that didn't know her but were moved by her story, decided to do a music video celebrate her life. Her classmates organized an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign, as well as other fundraising activities, to raise the money needed to produce their tribute to Haley. The students raised over $10,300 and with the help of CNM Cinema Department donated their equipment and students to film the video, which was filmed at the Albuquerque rail yard. The Paternoster Family and everyone at Haley's Haven (Youth Matters) are so grateful for this amazing gift of love and friendship. Please enjoy.

Haley’s Obituary

Haley's Closet

The mission of the Haley's Haven Matters has evolved with Steve Paternoster’s vision of Haley’s Closet. Steve envisions a safe place for the young women to be able to go for help. At Haley’s Closet they will be able to receive a warm meal, individual therapy, career counseling, case management, clothing and personal hygiene items. Additionally, the foundation plans to utilize community volunteers to provide a multitude of services.

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Honoring Haley